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31 August 2004, Tuesday

       Dear browsers, this part of the world, a small village, Aliyar is relaxing today after conducting marriage for about 500 couples (married couples!). There is few number of people plus our VISION students were there for Swamiji’s lecture. Swamiji delivered a speech on the five fold moral culture after his evening walk round the veranda of the Temple of Consciousness.

        He gives a very simple way to live happily: One can find a solution for any problem by adopting -- Tolerance, Adjustment and Sacrifice.

30 August 2004, Monday

       Hello friends: Aliyar is having a Marriage Day function with about 500 couple today. Yes, in this world we have Fathers day, Mothers day etc. but there is no Wives day. By realizing the greatness of Women, Swamiji formed Wife Appreciation Day celebration on every August 30th remembering his wife (Late) Annai Logambal’s birthday. It is her 90th birthday. Every year WISE Trust of Coimbatore is arranging this function at Aliyar, it is 11th year celebration organized by WISE Trust.

        The function started in the morning 6.30 with Physical Exercise, Meditation. In the morning session, Dr. Hemalatha Natesan, Professor & Head Department of Psychology, Avinasilingam University, coimbatore had an interactive session with the participants and gave lots of valuable solutions to the couples. All the couples enjoyed this session, it was with more humorous on hearing others experience.

        Afternoon session started at 4.00 p.m. with Song of Divine and Guru. Swamiji blessed the special couple Shri. Karthikeyan and Latha. Swamiji gave an wonderful speech on greatness of women. Every couple thrilled to hear and all with whole-hearted, love and compassion exchanged their love. All husbands gave the flower to their wife and all wives gave the fruit to their husband. In the end of the session, all couples got blessings from Swamiji.

        Swamiji’s speech: If we take the population of the world, half are women and the other half are men who are given birth by women. All of us who have gathered here have come through women. Women bear the child when it is in the womb. After it is born, the blood of the mother is transformed into milk and she feeds the baby. So in all human beings basically only the mother's blood is running. But we generally forget this. We have to understand the special importance of women. We usually say that God has created us, but the real job has been given to women. I am not saying this just to praise women. I make only such statements which cannot be denied and at the same time should not be forgotten. In society still women do not have equal rights. Even in property rights women have not been given equal rights. Even though a law was passed this is not being implemented in practice. We should change all this. Every individual needs maintenance and security. Men should provide these to women.

        The true saints are women; they leave their parents, their house, their villages and start living with people who are total strangers. What sacrifice can be greater than this? Let us all respect each other and live happily.

        Those who missed this year, please do not miss to attend on August 30th, 2005.

(Late) Annai Logambal

Wife Appreciation Day

See the function Photos

29 August 2004, Sunday

       Dear Aliyar News Readers, the Brahma Gnanam course concluded today. After Swamiji blessed the participants, five of them shared their experiences. One of them said that he used to be extremely short-tempered, that hunting had been his pastime, ahd he has thus killed many animals. But after joining SKY, there has been a total change in his life. He has left his habit of hunting completely and has even become a vegetarian! Another lady participant also explained how her life changed after undergoing the practices. Today she her husband are running a Meditation Centre to help others change their lives.

        Then, Maharishi addressed the participants and distributed the certificates to each one of them personally. He said that Brahma Gnanam is a must for every individual, for only when there is true understanding of Brahmam, Nature, can one lead a happy and harmonious life. Now, every month about 1000 persons are becoming Brahma Gnanis but this is not enough. Each participant can motivate hundreds of people to learn SKY by their example and encouraging others.

Coming for BGC

Giving their experience

Listening Swamiji's lecture

27 August 2004, Friday

       The BGC and VISION course are going interestingly. As this Saturday is fourth one, Introspection Level – IV is going on. Ashram is getting ready for Wife Appreciation Day on 30th. Swamiji had usual walk round the veranda of Temple of Consciousness in the evening.

        Swamiji explanation on thought: The senses are the gateway to receive the experiences in the brain cells; the brain cells are making experiences into magnetic wave. The same way in reverse the brain cells are magnifying the contents of the wave. The mind, which is the peripheral function of consciousness, understands. That which was already sent in by the mind, that only reflects as thought.

Hanging Garden

The Divine Face

26 August 2004, Thursday

       Hello, participants for BGC which starts from tomorrow for 3 days are started coming in. The VISION students are enjoying the classes at Lawn in the ashram.

        Swamiji gives a way for Successful Life: You know that in the process of thought, the Almighty, Consciousness, its wave force life-energy particles and the bio-magnetism all these three are involved. As thought is the automatic process of bio-magnetism, it cannot be stopped by will, but it can be streamlined by will for a successful life.

Class for VISION

25 August 2004, Wednesday

       Dear Aliyar News Readers, Today being Wednesday people starting coming to the Ashram from the noon itself to see Swamiji and hear his public lecture. Swamiji reiterated the importance of the virtuous way of living. To the extent an individual or society does not value and follow the virtuous way of living, there will be pains and miseries to the individual concerned and in the society.

        Maharishi has formulated a simple code of living which is easy to understand and easy to put into practice. For everyone in the society to be happy, each one should live committing himself or herself to the following: I will live by my own physical or intellectual labor; I will not give pains to others physically or mentally; I will not eat by killing animals for satisfying my hunger or taste; I will respect the independence of others; I will not covet other peoples' property; and I will be ready to be of help to others to the extent possible.

        For putting these into practice, one should develop true love and compassion, and for that proper understanding of relationships is necessary. One must reach the clear realization that all of us, inclusive of all species and every object, has come from the same source and so giving pain to anyone is only inflicting pain to Divinity itself: our common source. Meditation, introspection and realization of laws of Nature will give us the strength to live up to these principles. It is then that the human life transforms into a Divine life. This alone would bring happiness and fulfillment in life.

        Let us all endeavor to achieve this and for that let us start practicing these virtues from now onwards.

Sendig his love to the Visitors

Looking at his disciples

Listening Seriously

24 August 2004, Tuesday

       Dear brothers and sisters: May we all be blessed with the Divine grace and dive deep into the ocean of wisdom of Swamiji, transform ourselves and be models for others!

        Yesterday and today, the VISION students were taught basic anatomy and physiology by Dr. Ravindranath, a great disciple of Swamiji, who runs a polyclinic in Coimbatore, and also runs a SKY centre in his residence. His presentation was a beautiful combination of the modern medical system and the eastern philosophy. We were reminded of the Vedic calling “Let noble thoughts come to us from all directions”. While explaining the various physical systems within us, the gastro-intestinal, the circulatory, the excretory etc., he was the conventional man of medicine; but when he talked about the life force circulation, mind and its functions, he was a SKY Professor. We could see the East and the West meeting beautifully. As he pointed out, the gaps between science and spirituality have to be bridged for the betterment of both and for the betterment of all of us.

        In the evening, there was the usual Treat for all those who visited Aliyar: the Tuesday lecture of Maharishi. In his inimitable style, Swamiji made people to realize that God is within each one of us by asking them the questions: who is converting the food you eat into juice, blood, flesh, etc.? Can all the scientists put together convert food into blood with all their technologies? He thus concluded that, the actions which cannot be done by all the human beings together and are routinely, being done easily without any fanfare, are the work of God. When you start looking around with this outlook, you can see the presence of God everywhere, and you can see God’s actions everywhere. It is then that our ego will be admonished, and the divine love and compassion will flow through us. At the end, everyone willing, was asked to take the oath to follow the two fold moral principle hereafter.

Dr. Ravindranath Presentation on
Body Anatomy & Physiology

VISION Students thrilled
to see the Anatomy

Evenging Session

23 August 2004, Monday

       Dear friends, Aliyar is Calm today. Monday, as you are all aware, is the (unofficial) weekly holiday here, a sort of lull after the hectic Friday - Sunday programs. So was this Monday. The Brahma Gnanis left yesterday, of course reluctantly, but with the contentment that they have heard some ultimate truths about themselves, their connection with the Almighty, their relationship with society, -- all of which will be cherished by them for the rest of their lives; which would make an impact in every thought and action in their lives; in short, they would never be same again. We have seen that many keep coming to Aliyar again and again under some pretext or other, get charged and revitalized spiritually, and go back and live their lives more fully and help others more effectively and sincerely.

Few Visitors today

Bright Light from ....

22 August 2004, Sunday

       The Brahma Gnanam course concluded today. In the concluding session, 5 participants shared their experiences; some were very touching. One of them, a 20 year old girl, narrated in what circumstances she took up SKY practices. At age 17 she was married, that is even before she completed twelfth grade in school. At her husband's home, living with her in-laws, she was ill-treated and tortured. There was even an attempt to set fire to her! She escaped somehow and returned to her parents’ house, totally dejected in life. She was also pregnant. Later, her child was still-born. At that stage, when life was nothing but a narrow tunnel of darkness, she started getting some visions of Swamiji (without knowing who he was) which she drew. When people saw the drawings, they told her the man is Shri Vethathiri Maharishi, whom she had not seen or even heard of. It is thus she went to the nearby SKY centre and joined the system that has changed her life. She said she has now regained self-confidence. and she is pursuing higher education. Seeing such a great change in her, her parents and other members of the family and friends have also joined the system. Her family has benefitted greatly by the SKY teachings and practices, and she is becoming a great motivator for many people. Her tragic experiences at a tender age brought tears to the eyes of the participants, but she also brought joy to all when they heard the way SKY has changed her life and how today she is changing the lives of others.

        Another participant who spoke was Catholic Priest. He said he was attracted to Swamiji when he read one of his poems. He said that, being a teacher by profession, he would be henceforth be an instrument in sowing the seeds of religious harmony and a sense of fraternity in the young minds. Other members also spoke of how the system has changed their lives for better.

        It was seen that among the 400+ participants, 25 couples were participating in the course. When both husband and wife are tuned to this higher way of living, family harmony will be the sure outcome. In one case, the father, mother and their two daughters were attending the course. In another case, it was a mother with her son and daughter.

        Swamiji was pleased to hear all this. In his speech he said the transformation in culture should come from ordinary people, like us. By understanding the Truth and living in tune with Nature, one gets tremendous power and can do great things to elevate oneself and the society. He then gave the certificate himself to eachparticipant, addressing each one of them as 'Brahma Gnani'.

        Later, in the evening, Swamiji had his usual walk.

Sending his Love
to the Visitors

Sending his blessings to
Introspection-III Participants

Participant sharing
their experience

Certification Distribution

21 August 2004, Saturday

       Hello readers: being the third Saturday of the month, Introspection Level III course began today. Thus, today, simultaneously 3 courses are going on and the Ashram is teeming with people and activity.

        For the VISION students, the day starts early in the morning with an exercise session at 4.30 AM!

20 August 2004, Friday

       Dear friends, as you may be aware, the Ashram is acquiring about 9 acres of neighboring land; at present it is entirely a mango grove. Early this morning, the VISION students and some Ashram inmates visited the spot and did a short group meditation there and blessed the land. Payasam (Sweet) was distributed to all those who participated.

        Today the second VISION for Wisdom Diploma course started. They took initiation into meditation today and Swamiji addressed them at 11 o’clock.

        Today the Brahma Gnanam course also started. About 430 persons are taking part in the course; as usual the majority of them females.

Way to our New land

Meditating at our New land

Brahma Gnana Course

VISION 2nd Batch
First Session

Blessings to the Students

19 August 2004, Thursday

       Dear Aliyar News Readers; There was a regular stream of visitors today.

        The students for the VISION course that starts tomorrow started pouring in. They were accompanied by their family members who wanted to see off their wards.

        Then there were those who had come for the Brahma Gnanam course starting tomorrow.

        In the evening they also enjoyed the Darshan of Swamiji who had his usual evening walk around the Temple.

        Later this evening there was an orientation program for the VISION students.

Orientation Program

2nd Batch VISION Students

18 August 2004, Wednesday

       Dear friends, welcome to our website. Hope you are able to spare some time here and are reasonably satisfied with our efforts to provide daily news about activities of Swamiji and other happenings at Aliyar. Swamiji is in very good health and is enjoying his daily activities.

        In the weekly Wednesday talk, today also Swamiji spoke on the five fold moral culture. He said there is nothing wanting nor is there any mistake on the part of Nature. For the problems in life we ourselves are the cause. We create problems for others as well as for ourselves due to lack of understanding, ignoring our past experiences and due to emotional moods. As we have come from animals, we have inherited those qualities. Their way of life is giving pain, killing, infringing the freedom of other animals and stealing their flesh; we realize that animals have no choice. But man does not have to kill or exploit others for sake of his survival. As human beings, only if we avoid the four crimes mentioned above, can the society be harmonious. Along with these, living by one’s own physical or intellectual labour and being ready to help others to the extent possible form the five fold moral culture.

        He said that our education should include four components: learning of language, some skill for livelihood, moral codes of behaviour and understanding of Laws of Nature. He also said that education should include learning the five productive arts of Agriculture, Construction, Cloth Manufacturing, basic Technological Skill and Cooking.

        Swamiji condensed the five fold moral culture into the two fold moral principle: not giving pain to other living beings physically or mentally, and being ready to help others in need to the extent possible. An oath was taken by all those present by repeating these two precepts three times after Swamiji. Swamiji exhorted each person to practice these for a week so as to make it a part of one's culture.

Showing his hapiness

Explaining the logic

17 August 2004, Tuesday

       Dear Spiritual seekers, it is indeed great to meet you all through this medium; we enjoy reaching out to you all over the world and hope you also enjoy being in contact with us through this e-column about our Aliyar activities. The weather was fine today. The Aliyar dam having received sufficient water this time after many years (7!), is looking superb -- it is a great treat for the eyes. With greenery everywhere, our Ashram is a paradise.

       There were more than 250 persons attending Swamiji's evening lecture today. Swamiji explained how the presence of the divine can be perceived everywhere. He asked us: How does the food we eat get digested? Who does that? That force which is doing all these actions, that which no human being can do by art or will, is the consciousness of the divine. When this is fully understood, then we will know the wonder, the value and the importance of life. This rememberance will help us to look on all others with respect and love, enabling each of us to lead a fulfilled and successful life.

        Finally, enmasse, lead by Swamiji, the audience vowed to followed the abridged two fold moral principle.

Looking at....

Sending his love

15 August 2004, Sunday

       Dear readers, August month is the Month of Celebration for our Ashram, the two function went on very well and yet one more is there ???? Guess and mail us!

       As today is Sunday, people who have come for birthday function stayed back to have Swamiji’s darshan. About 500 were there and Swamiji was happy to see them all during his evening walk round the veranda.

Walk With Trustees
on 14th Evening

Still lots of Crowd

More Photos on
94th Birthday Celebration

14 August 2004, Saturday

       Hello friends, Aliyar is having a festive look. People are pouring in thousands to have the Darshan and blessings of Maharishi on his 94th birthday. Everywhere in the Ashram we see people joyous having seen the Mahaan of the Century. Long queue were there from early morning.

       In the morning, Maharishi cut the Birthday Cake and has garlanded by a host of VIPs. Swamiji was charming and wearing the garlands.

       He then went to the Auditorium and 8’o Clock onwards, he was blessing the people coming in queue and right upto 12’o clock. Again his blessings will continue from 4’o clock at Temple of Consciousness.

       His message to the world on his birthday will be updated today night.

                                           Click here to hear Voice of Swamiji

His Blessings
with Love & Compassion

What he Conveys!

We know You
want More Photos

13 August 2004, Friday

       Dear browsers, Today the Ashram was full of activities giving final touches to the birthday function of Swamiji which will start from early morning tomorrow. Huge utensils have arrived and preparation of Sweets and other item have started. The Trustees are here from the morning giving directions. Disciples have already started pouring in. The rains are also inspecting the arrangements intermittently. Swamiji had his usual round of evening walk and blessed all those present to have his Darshan.

Preparation of Sweets (Laddu)

11 August 2004, Wednesday

       Dear readers, today we are back to routine activities. As on every Tuesday and Wednesday, Swamiji delivered a speech to the visitors. On Tuesday, the 10th, he touched on subjects that are relevant to everyday life. On Wednesday, there were about 150 people to listen to his evening lecture. He give a wonderful discourse covering aa great range of subjects, starting from Almighty and coming to the human Genetic Center. Finally he extracted an oath from all the visitors to observe the two fold moral principle.

        Now, from where we left off yesterday we continue our report on our Conference: "Contributions of Shri Vethathiri Maharishi to Science, Philosophy and Human Development": Sessions on August 8, 2004, Sunday.

        After lunch, the 4th session began: the theme was Vethathirian Philosophy. It was chaired by Dr. E. Sundaramurthy, Vice Chancellor of Tamil University, Thanjavur. In his scholarly discourse, he quoted from various sources of Tamil literature, referring to several of the ancient philosophical ideas. He said that Swamiji has synthesized all of them and at the same time simplified these principles to the extent that even illiterate persons can follow and practice the highest philosophy in their daily lives. He said the evolution of philosophyical thoughts has been in the following order: Vedantham, Siddhantham, Shaiva siddhantham, sanmargam, Samarasa sanmargam, and Vethathirian. Thus, Vethathirian Philosophy is the culmination of all the philosophies of the land.

        Next, Sri SKM.Maielanadan, President of WCSC, gave an educative and entertaining speech on Vedantham and Vethathiria. He said that the Vedas are one of the oldest scriptures of mankind, possibly even dating from 8000 to 9000 years ago. They are not considered to have been originally written by anyone; they emerged from the intuitions of various Rishis and were later on compiled as four Vedas by Sri Vyasa. Essentially, the Vedas are of two parts. The first part is known as 'Karma Kanda' dealing with rituals for secular well-being, while the second part is 'Gnana Kanda' dealing with Supreme knowledge. Upanishads form this latter part. One hundred eight Upanishads are extant of which 16 are considered the main ones and out of these 10 are considered the most important. It is for these 10 that the Acharyas have written explanatory texts known as Bhashyams.He talked about the Mundaka and Kenopanishad in particular. In Mundaka Upanishad, the disciple asks the Master " What is that knowledge by knowing which all else can be known?". Similarly, in Kenopanishad, the disciple asks "What is it that makes the mind act the way it does, as if dragged by something?". Swamiji echoes the very same questions in his poems and gives modern, scientific explanations. The examples of gold becoming different ornaments and the spider producing the net through its own excreta, later devouring it when not needed are illustrative of Swamiji's concept that the whole universe is only the transformation of One Divinity. Thus, Vethathiria is not at all at variance with Vedantha but, on the contrary, confirms the Vedanthic statements with more scientific logic and in modern language.

        Then, Dr. N. Mahalingam, Managing Trustee of our Aliyar Trust, gave the valedictory address. He emphasized the importance of Swamiji's principles and methods in this troubled world. He is able to see the spread of Swamiji's concepts in Tamil Nadu but there is a need to take it to all parts of India and to foreign lands. He suggested that Swamiji's works should be translated into many languages. He said that the Vedas are known all over the world because of such efforts and we should also do the same if Swamiji's message is to go everywhere.

        Lastly, the audience was blessed to hear one more lecture from Maharishi. It was a great bonus, unexpected at the end of the day! He said wisdom is passed on by two sets of people: 1. Those who, having realized, teach others, and 2. Those who learn as students, teach the same to others and realize it themselves later. The first set of people are those who have brought out the great truths, the values which enable one to see oneness, equality, in everything (Samayam= sama +iyam); everything is understood as different expressions or manifestations of the one great Almighty. It is the second set of people who have created the imbalances in the society. Swamiji said that all the original leaders of the religions were of the first kind but some of the religious heads who have subsequently occupied their seats who were not realized souls have been the cause of all the ills. Time has come for all of us to get at the Truth. To realize the Almighty, one should train his sixth sense to go beyond what the five senses perceive and get at the unseen cause behind every effect. Worship of God is nothing but understanding the working order in everything and dealing with everything and every event in such a way that the results do not lead to pain for self or others. Mind can be likened to a wave and the consciousness to the ocean. There is no need for any intermediary or broker between you and divinity. It is necessary to have a re-look at our customs, rituals and habits and modify them where necessary. The gathering here to celebrate his birthday is an occasion to carry out such stock-taking and take corrective actions. He then blessed all the participants whole-heartedly. The entire audience was moved and one could feel the emotions surging in everyone when being blessed by a great soul on the occasion of his 94th birthday!

        Arulnidhi Paramasivam, Joint Secretary, WCSC proposed the Vote of Thanks and with that the conference came to a conclusion. Unwillingly, one by one, the participants slowly moved out of the auditorium. Thus, concluded another great event in Aliyar.

Dr.N.Mahalingam receiving
the honor from

Evening Lecture

Click here for Conference Photos...

09 August 2004, Monday

       Hello, Aliyar News browsers: after the hectic weekend all the staff are relaxing today. Here is the report on the second day of the Conference: "Contributions of Shri Vethathiri Maharishi to Science, Philosophy and Human Development": 08 August 2004, Sunday.

        The second day of the conference started on the dot at 9.30 AM. The first Session was on Vethathirian Worldview. It was chaired by Dr. B.K.Krishnaraj Vanavarayar, Chairman, Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan, Coimbatore Kendra. He spoke on the spiritual education offered by Vethathirian Philosophy. He said that in this Temple of Consciousness, there is no worship of idols. It is the Spirit, the Consciousness, that is being worshipped and for this the spiritual education is provided. He said that Swamiji’s philosophy is a synthesis of the wisdom of 5000 years of vedantic and siddhanthic philosophies internalized by Swamiji over many decades of research, meditation and contemplation.

        Today the society and individuals are restless because the goals of life are not well-defined. The culture of ‘survival of the fittest’ should change to ‘everyone should be made fit to survive’ and that is what Vethathiri Maharishi is teaching. Education should instill in everyone the sense of duty consciousness, responsibility and discipline. Following these values requires the culturing of mind and that is spiritual education. He concluded that education should bring out the perfection in man, make him feel responsible for the well-being of himself and the society, and make his life meaningful. And this task is amply being carried out by Vethathiri Maharishi.

        Next, Dr. S. Jeyapragasam, Member, Brain Trust, spoke about the contribution of Vethathirian Philosophy to One World Government. He dealt with the subject in three parts: Vethathirian Philosophy, One World Government and How Vethathirian Philosophy can achieve this. He said that he had reservations about the term 'Vethathirian', as he, like Swamiji, was allergic to ‘ism’s, because of the great damage they have done. But over the years, it has dawned on him that Vethathirium is a new way of looking at everything, totally scientific and objective in its approach. He also quoted Kenneth Bowling’s prophesy that a great sage would come, not from USA or Europe, who would give a new direction to the world. That one, declared Dr. Jeyapragasam, is Vethathiri Maharishi. He has synthesized Vedanta, Siddhanta and all other systems of philosophy. He has produced not just a few disciples but an army of spiritual masters. He has set up great organizations. All these go to show that Swamiji has built an entire system and so it is appropriate that it is called Vethathirian. He said that the book ‘World Peace’ can be considered a scripture. He remarked that simplicity is often deceptive and this book is one such instance. He said Maharishi’s concepts started crystallizing from his very early days. Through the poverty in his personal life, he could feel the poverty of the poor masses all over the world and started looking for solutions. Recounting the genesis of UNO, he said that it was started by the three warlords Roosewelt, Churchill and Stalin and that is why it is not effectively combating violence. On the contrary, Swamiji, out of sheer love for humanity and with all the wisdom at his command has brought out a holistic plan for world peace which is at once simple and pragmatic. In this are plans for peace at various levels starting from the individual level. Kundalini yoga plays a part in this scheme of things. Knowledge of Self is of utmost importance for man to respect himself and others. Swamiji simplified this yoga and made it universal, breaking all barriers. All this gives the followers of Maharishi a great amount of responsibility. It is our duty to awaken the people to the possibility of individual perfection and world peace. We cannot delay, for those who are late are punished by history. Let us take the people from death to life and from life to divine life, he concluded.

        Next, SKY Professor Veda Subbiah spoke about Vethathirian Philosophy for world peace. He said the goal of human life, both at individual and at macro level is peace and Vethathirian approach gives concrete methods to achieve this. To live without war, human beings should become humane. For this, exploitation, an animal instinct, should be eliminated. Rather, we should develop a culture of sharing. If man has to unite, religions must unite. For this, there should be unanimity in understanding about God. From this only, fraternity and fellow feeling can flow. Swami Vivekananda prophesied that a great saint will come from Tamil Nadu who will build an Ashram by the side of the hills, the temple will be of OM shape and spirituality dipped in science will be taught there; it will produce masters in hundreds who will spread this message to the whole world. That one is Swami Vethathiri Maharishi, said Prof. Veda Subbiah. For world peace to come, individual peace is a necessity. That can happen only when economic and social inequalities are removed. Otherwise, peace will be only a subject of rhetoric, he said.

        The third session of the conference was on Vethathirian Science. This was chaired by Dr. Narendran, Director, National Institute of Clinical Magnetology. He gave a talk on effective use of Magnetism for preventive and curative purposes. He described how every thought, word or deed influences our body and mind. He cited how remedial measures can be taken to lead a healthy life without recourse to invasive surgery and taking medicines the whole lifelong.

        Next, Dr. Alagar Ramanujam, Secretary, Brain Trust treated the audience with an audio-visual bonanza. He showed how Space plays the most vital role which is not perceivable by our conventional senses. He stated how Swamiji has contributed to Science, Philosophy, Social life and Tamil literature. Swamiji’s unique contribution to philosophy is that he has been able to identify what is God, the Ultimate Principle, in no uncertain terms. He has also given for the first time in history, the mechanical process of that ONE becoming many. He said that even though all religions have, at one time or another, justified war in the name of Holy War or Crusade, Swamiji has boldly declared all war to be nothing less than a crime against humanity.

        Following this, Dr. K. Perumal gave an excellent exposition of the philosophy of Magnetism. He explained how the Space, by its self compression, becomes formative dust which starts spinning and thus becomes the origin and source of the ubiquitous universal magnetism. He then described how the five transformations of magnetism take place and how in the living beings, the same magnetism gets the sensing faculty which is the mind. He explained about the role of genetic centre and steps needed to keep it pure.

        More informations and Photos of the conference will be continued tomorrow.

Looking at the Presentation

Click here for Conference Photos...

08 August 2004, Sunday

       Dear Readers,Here is the news on the first day of the Conference 07 August 2004, Saturday.

        The two-day conference on Contribution of Vethathiri Maharishi to Philosophy, Science and Human Development began this afternoon. The objective of the Conference is to discuss how the Vethathirian Philosophy is bringing about basic changes in human way of living by explaining the secrets of the Law of Nature, the hidden truths about human potential, the working of human system and elevating the human consciousness beyond the artificial boundaries of religion, nation, race, caste, creed and gender and evolving a way of living that could bring about enduring peace and prosperity to one and all.

        The conference provides a great opportunity to share the thoughts of one of the greatest living saints on all aspects of human life, elevating everyone participating or learning about it.

        The auditorium is packed and the whole campus has a festive look. Shri. D.R. Kaarthikeyan, Chairman, Brain Trust gave the Presidential Address. He highlighted the different facets of Swamiji and his contribution to all aspects of human life. He wishes that all our efforts should be made to spread his message far and wide. He thanked the Hon. Justice Dr. A.R. Lakshmanan for kindly accepting the invitation to visit Aliyar in spite of his busy schedule. He welcomed all the speakers and participants of the conference.

        The inaugural session was chaired by Honorable Justice of the Supreme Court ,Dr. A.R.Lakshmanan. He inaugurated the conference and delivered the Keynote address. He said that the 20th century has brought political freedom all over the world. People have understood their rights and so seek for justice when they feel it being denied. This has resulted in the burgeoning of writ petitions in courts. The solution does not lie only in increasing the number of courts and judges. More fundamentally, people should understand their duties and responsibilities and should develop their character. In this, Swamiji’s contribution to the method human of transformation is of great significance. He said he was particularly fascinated by the concepts of Swamiji on ‘Fair Judiciary’, one of the 14 points of Vethathirian philosophy.

        Dr. R. Chandrasekaran, Head of Tamil Department of Bharathiyar University introduced the Tamil book ‘Vethathiriya Ilakkiyam – Aivu Kovai’, a compilation of essays on Vethathirian Literature, essays written by 33 Tamil Scholars. The book was then released by the Honorable Justice.

        Then Swamiji addressed the conference. He said that the cause for all miseries of human life is that we don’t use our thinking faculty properly. We lead our lives more by habits and emotions than by rational, objective thinking. In this age of Science, it is necessary to bring about a number of changes in our society. Otherwise the power of science, instead of being a boon would become a bane and even a disaster. There is the potential in every human being to understand the laws of Nature and be free from our detrimental habits. Meditation, Introspection and the endeavor to understand the Truth are to become a part of our lives if we have to evolve into better human beings. He then explained how meditation will help in reducing the frequency of mind and ultimately bring mind to merge with total consciousness.

        The first session, on a prosperous and peaceful society, was chaired by Dr. C.Ramasamy, Vice Chancellor of Tamil Nadu Agricultural University, Coimbatore. He spoke on the need for spiritual education for social development. He said that the present education produces good doctors, engineers and scientists but has failed to produce good human beings. He lamented that education has become totally materialistic. There is a need to inculcate value system among students, failing which problems will only increase with the advancement of Science and Technology. He termed Swamiji’s teachings as Scientific Spirituality, and stated that this is the need of the hour. Having been fascinated and molded by Bertrand Russell and E.V.R., he himself was skeptical about the conventional religions but was happy to see Swamiji transcending the boundaries of religion and spreading scientific rationality, bringing together Physics and Metaphysics.

        Next, Sri. Rama Kanakasubburathinam, Editor, 'Kavanagar Muzhakkam' enthralled the audience with his witty, thought-provoking anecdotes and comparisons of Swamiji’s concepts of magnetism and working of human system with that of computer, chip, simcard and networking. He said that the SKY meditation and the entire philosophy of Swamiji has been a great source of strength in his life.

        Dr. Hari Vijayalakshmi, Head of Tamil Department, Sri. G.V.G.Visalakshi College for Women, Udumalaipet, spoke eloquently on Swamiji’s contribution in raising the status of womanhood. She said that no sage or statesman in history has done as much as Swamiji for showing the women in proper perspective, and that women would ever be grateful to him for this.

        The session concluded with divine songs by Shri. P. Thiruvudian and party from Sankaran Koil.

       More informations and Photos of the conference will be continued tomorrow.

Welcoming All to Conference

Click here for Conference Photos...

06 August 2004, Friday

       Dear Readers, The Ashram is abuzz with activities. Construction work on structures for the Conference is going on in full swing; uniformed volunteers are seen everywhere busily moving about, giving final touches to the arrangements for the two-day Seminar this Saturday and Sunday, August 7th and 8th. As you are aware, this is a part of the celebration of Swamiji’s 94th birthday. The Theme of the Seminar is: Contributions of Vethathiri Maharishi to Philosophy, Science and Human Development.

       One of the highlights of our Conference is the release of a book; not an ordinary book at all, but the long-overdue homage of the Tamil Literary establishment to the genius of our Swamiji. The title of the book is, appropriately, "Vethathiriya Illaikiyam: Aivu Kovai" (Vethathirian Literature: Collected Essays). Thanks to the effort of our friend, Dr.R.Chandrasekaran of Bharathiyar University, Coimbatore, 33 essays were collected from Tamil scholars all over the country, critical studies of Swamiji's work from varied angles, and brought together for the first time as a collection.

       Our appreciation to Dr.Chandrasekar; Shri Vethathiri Maharishi has now deservedly been brought into the ranks of Tamil Literature. Vazhga valamudan!

       On 6th, a new dining hall, Annai Logambal Unavu Kudam, was inaugurated to meet the needs of the growing number of participants in all our programs. A group meditation was conducted and then the hall was declared open.

Blessings the Volunteers

Back to his Room

New Canteen

Meditation before the Opening


04 August 2004, Wednesday

       Dear Reader, Be blessed by the Divine. In Tamil: "Vazhga Valamudan." The weather has been excellent for the past couple of days. A bit of rain, clouds showering round, it is a treat to watch and enjoy the beauty of the mists and greenery.

       The Personality Development Course in English concluded today. The participants had come from different parts of the world -- from USA, UK, Bahrain etc. -- and from different parts of India. From the speeches of the participants, we could feel their joy and happiness. Maharishi addressed them in the morning, gave the Course Certificates and blessed them to become masters and spread this light of knowledge all over the world.

       In the evening, Swamiji gave his Wednesday lecture to the audience of about 250 persons. In his own unique way, he explained how God can been seen in everyone and in everything and so, as a consequence, how our actions should be in all our dealings. As requested by him, all of them took the oath that henceforth, they will

       1. Not harm anyone physically or mentally and 2. will be always ready to help others in pain.

       From the book – History of the Universe and Living beings written in 2004: Without government individuals cannot enjoy protection and maintenance with proper respect, and we cannot achieve this benefit without world government. Establishing a world government is a very difficult task, but if we plan it in stages we can achieve the goal within a specified period. First of all, we must find a world forum for consulting, planning and implementing the process. However, we need not strain to establish a world forum for this purpose; there is already one such forum in the United Nations. That existing organization should be strengthened and made to work as a democratic world administration.

Participants Giving their views

Certificate Distribution

Session before Swamiji's Lecture

Swamiji & Dr. Alagar Ramanujam

SKY in the Evening

03 August 2004, Tuesday

       The Personality Development Course in English is on its 5th day; tomorrow they receive their certificates from Swamiji and have their final class with us. Today in the evening before our Q & A session the participants were shown our WCSC Introduction CD. (If anyone wants to order one, let us know)

       Today we had beautiful showers, rain with gusty winds. Swamiji gave a talk on Genetic Center and the five fold moral culture. There were about 50 visitors plus our PD course participants present to hear his talk.

       His message to the world: To lead a happy life, everyone should know the secret of the Genetic center and the importance of Magnetism.

PDC - Interactive Sesion

Evening Gathering

His message to the Visitors

02 August 2004, Monday

       Hello readers: the interviews for VISION course spilled over for one more day and we occupied with that today also; the marathon interview session came to a conclusion by 12 Noon. Results were based on the applicants’ background qualifications, interview and written tests. The VISION office worked overtime and the results were announced later in the evening after getting blessings and approval of Maharishi. Altogether 33 women and 19 men – a total of 52 -- have been selected for the next course which starts on 20th August.

       Swamiji had some rest today after the hectic activities of last week. In the evening he had his usual walk round the Temple of Consciousness. Later, our Senior Professors had some more discussion with him regarding the VISION results.       

       “Evolution” is the word that eptimozies
                the history of everything.
       Starting from the Absolute space
                upto the present.
       Understand its significance,
                For you, too, came that way.

                                - Shri. Vethathiri Maharishi

Blessing the Kids

Blessing the Visitors

01 August 2004, Sunday

       Dear friends, we hope all are in good health. The quarterly meeting of the Board of Management was held today. It was presided by Swamiji and he delivered a talk for all the Board members.

       The interviews of applicants for the second batch of ‘VISION for Wisdom’ Diploma course in Vethathirian Philosophy are going on today. As this Sunday is the first Sunday of the month, a Kayakalpa course was conducted. Simultaneously, we are now on 3rd day of a Personality Development Course, this time in English (Next one in English will be in December – keep tuned!).

Interview for 2nd VISION Course

Written Test

Waiting for the Call

Board of Management

Be blessed by the Divine

"May the whole world enjoy prosperity, happiness and peace"

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