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10 February 2004, Tuesday

       Friends, we pray the Almighty that you enjoy good health, happiness and peace. Today, it is fifth day for PD course. The Telugu BGMC concluded today with usual customary participants experience speech. Swamiji gave a speech which covers the complete concept of gravity to human.

       For Swamiji’s evening lecture today there were about 300 people in the audience from various places. He briefed about the five fold moral culture and the importance of virtuous way of life.

PDC Class

Passing his energy

Certificate Distribution

09 February 2004, Monday

       Friends, we could not find any difference in this Monday. Why? Two courses and the regular VISION classes are going on, so the Aliyar seems like the other days. Swamiji addressed the VISION students on the topic “Analaysis of Thoughts”. He started his speech from Gravity, Dust, elements, Living being, Mind, Genetic center and finally concluded with the practice of Analaysis of Thoughts. All the students were very keen in taking the notes of Swamiji speech. Later in the evening they have to answer for the questions in the class room.

       To think seriously: “We all are living in social hypnotism.


08 February 2004, Sunday

       Hello and welcome to Aliyar News. We appreciate your interest to know about today’s program at Aliyar. The PDC and Telugu BGMC programs are going on; the participants are enjoying the course subjects. In Interaction session, they are raising many questions and getting clarification from our SKY professors.

       As every day’s routine, Swamiji had his rounds around the veranda of the Temple of Consciousness. He enjoyed his walk, talking with our Aliyar Trustee Shri. Patchiappan.

       Another group of students from Coimbatore Institute of Technology (CIT) visited Aliyar today. There were about 150 students to know about our SKY system. The introductory lecture made on impact on the young minds.

       Swamiji’s message to think: Do not blame our rituals, which are good for that period. Let us use our wisdom and see whether it is applicable for present life and change our life accordingly.

PDC Participants

PDC Participants

His Vision

07 February 2004, Saturday

       Friends, today is the second of a Personality Development Course. Apart from the regular VISION classes, a Brahma Gnanam Cum Master’s Course in Telugu is started today. In the afternoon about 140 students from Coimbatore Institute of Technology were here to know about our Swamiji’s system. Our SKY professors briefed them and also they learnt few physical exercises. Their college officials planned to teach SKY system in their college itself.

Telugu BGMC

CIT Students
Testing the bio-magnetism

Exercise demonstration
CIT Students

06 February 2004, Friday

       Hello Readers, Aliyar ashram is too busy. All the buildings are filled up with the participants. The VISION first session's speech "Purpose of life" was given by Swamiji, excellent speech which covered all the concepts. All the students were happy to hear this lecture. Swamiji lecture will give a great change in each student. Soon we will try to update that in our News.

       A 6-day Personality Development Course started today with about 72 participants. About 150 members were here for a Brahma Gnanam course in Telugu which is starting from tomorrow.

       Swamiji was happy to bless all the participants during his evening walk. Later in the evening Swamiji had a live discussion in his room with guests of Aliyar.

       See you tomorrow.

VISION First Session

Evening Walk with
Mr.Madhukar Bhatt from USA

05 February 2004, Thursday

       Friends, today is a golden day in Aliyar history. The long time dream of Swamiji has come true. The inaugural function of the Vethathiri Maharishi Spiritual and Intuitional Education (VISION for WISDOM) started by 4.30 p.m. and went on well in the presence of Swamiji. Swamiji blessed and gave an excellent speech. The program started with meditation and Welcome address by Shri SKM. Maeilanandhan, President of World Community Service Center; Introduction by Shri. D.R. Kaarthikeyan, President of Brain Trust; Presidential address by Shri. S.V. Balasubramaniam, Trustee, Aliyar Temple of Consciousness; Speical Blessings by Shri. Vethathiri Maharishi; Special address by Dr. S. Siva Subramanian, Vice Chancellor of Bharathiar University, Coimbatore; Blessings by Shri. M. Chinnasamy, Trustee, Aliyar Temple of Consciousness; Dr. A.M. Natarajan, Principal of Kongu Engineering College, Perumthurai; Dr. S. Ranganathan, Principal, Shri. Ramalinga Soudambigai Arts and Economics College, Coimbatore; Dr. G. Alagar Ramanujam, Secretary, Brain Trust; Dr. Vijay Gupta and Indira Gupta, Boulder University, Colorado, USA and Vote of Thanks by Dr. N.A. Perumal, Director, VISION for WISDOM, Aliyar. Shri. SKM. Maeilandhan addressed the students for an hour in the morning session.

       The excerpts of the speeches will be updated in this page soon. Swamiji concluded his speech by blessing the VISION students as the ambassadors for the world peace. This institute is going to change world. The program ended with World Peace Prayer song.

       The daily news media people were here to cover the function. We all have to give special thanks to them for taking this message to the public.

Shri. SKM Maeilanandhan
addressing the students

VISION Students

More Photos

04 February 2004, Wednesday

       Hello Aliyar News readers: hope you are all well, enjoying peace, prosperity and good health. Here in Aliyar weather begins to turn warm and warmer again.

       The Advisory Committee Meeting started in the morning and the Board meeting of WCSC started in the noon. In these meeting various issues were discussed and the new pamphlets and brochures were shown to all the members. A new teaching guide for the SKY Professors was distributed to the members.

       The ashram is filled with students of VISION for WISDOM. Our SKY Professors are engaging them and giving some basic instructions and concepts. Swamiji could not make his lecture in the evening today, he blessed all the visitors from the balcony itself.

       Let us all meet here tomorrow to know about the VISION inaugural function.

Board Meeting

New Display Boards

03 February 2004, Tuesday

       Friends, whole Aliyar ashram is busy. The final preparation works for VISION for WISDOM is going on. The Inauguration function and the class for the first group are starting from 5th Feb.

       About 40 students from Nirmala College, Coimbatore visited our Ashram. They were given an introduction about SKY system and physical exercise. Most of the students realized the importance of the exercise, they will be learning more exercises and practices from their nearest center.

       Swamiji addressed the public today and gave a speech on five fold moral culture. There were about 120 people to get his blessings. Aliyar Trustees were here and discussed about various issues.

       A practice for today: “Please do not comment other’s action”

Students from Nirmala College

The Audience

Swamiji with WCSC President and
Dr. Alagar Ramanujam

02 February 2004, Monday

       Dear Aliyar News Readers, as you all know, today is the rest day for the Ashram. There were courses continuously for the past 15 days without any break. Since the students of the VISION course are here, the Ashram is filled by them for the regular meditation classes. After the morning meditation, students were told about the rules from the administrative point which they have to follow during their stay of three months.

       In the evening Swamiji had his walk around the Temple of Consciousness.

       Swamiji’s speech on Wednesday, 14-01-2004: For the benefit of the participants of Personality Development Course in English, Swamiji spoke in English in the evening. Swamiji emphasized the value of our introspection practices and keeping the five fold moral culture. He also explained that, for the benefit of the practitioners, he had reduced the five-fold into a two fold moral principle. Swamiji said, “If you don’t harm others in any way, society will be reformed. This is due to the principle of cause and effect.”

       He also dwelled on the fourteen point “Vethathirian Philosophy of Life” and elaborated on the concept of a warless world. He presents us a question to consider: “Is war necessary? Why? And for whom?” Swamiji says: “War should be outlawed. No body has taken steps to do this so far. Now, we have. A world congress has been conducted here last year. Industrialized countries cannot be asked to stop the war. We have the UNO for bringing peace in society, for the world as a whole. The UNO was established with a noble cause but is not able to function freely due to the veto power of the five nations. Rather, it should be made a democratic forum. The Security Council should pass a resolution that UNO WILL SAFEGUARD THE BORDERS OF ALL NATIONS. Then there would be no need for nations to stock arms.

       “Is war necessary? What happens in a war is BUTCHERY. In a war, within minutes thousands die and millions lose their limbs. The pains are for them as well as their families. Is there any benefit from a war? No. That is why we are propagating this peaceful idea. Here in Aliyar last year the UN representative was presented with our “Aliyar Declaration”.

        “Who goes to war? The poor laborers who must earn the money. Who benefits from war? Arms sellers. Though thousands know the cruelties of war they keep silent, because over the centuries whoever has raised his voice against the atrocities of armed countries has been killed. We gather here for establishing peace of mankind.”

       Swamiji then greeted the devotees from Puttaparthi and he concluded his speech with giving them a glimpse of the significance of Simplified Kundalini Yoga and Kayakalpa. End of the speech.

Class for VISION

01 February 2004, Sunday

       Dear friends, As today is Sunday, the Brahma Gnanam Course concluded with the customary speeches by participants relating their experiences in SKY , Swamiji's speech and finally Certificate distribution to each.

       The admission for the first class of the "VISION for WISDOM" Institute continued today. For the 3-month diploma course in Vethathirian Philosophy a total of 50 candidates selected and out of these 41 candidates joined today. The rest of the 9 candidates are expected to join tomorrow. The candidates are requested to attend the four group meditation which is conducted at Temple of Consciousness (6.00 a.m. – Panchabhutha Navagraga Meditation, 10.30 a.m. – Nine Center Meditation, 4.30 p.m. – Thuriya Meditation, 6.00 p.m. – Thuriyatheet Meditation). The Directors of the VISION gave a welcome speech and briefed about the purpose of the course after the evening meditation.

       The students and their parents who came to drop them were fortunate to get blessings from Swamiji morning and evening during his walk and on the way to the Auditorium.

       See you with more information tomorrow. Be blessed with all the happiness and joy of life.

       Swamiji’s speech during 24 December 2004, Wednesday on POWER OF DIVINITY:

       Thinkers and Scholars: may you enjoy good health, long life, enough wealth, wisdom and peace, by the grace of Divine. All of you have gathered here to discuss the current problems in society. We have so many things to do and so we neglect to think about the solutions to the problems prevailing in the society. But when we come here we forget to worry about our problems and turn to think about the solutions. It will be beneficial to us and also to the society.

       You all heard the song on the five-fold principles. As it is difficult to remember all of them I have simplified it to two principles. It is easy to understand and follow these with each individual in our families. It will be a light for your life.

        Realisation of God means to understand the source of the universe. What is it? I am operating a machine and if I have ego about being the operator of it, then it is a forgetful state. We have forgotten God there and this leads to development of the six temperaments and we do mistakes. There is no other supreme power than Space. In each and every body only that Divinity is operating. God is in us and in others also. As every body belongs to God I should not give pain to others. Remembering this we will have caution about the sins and we will not do more and more sins. Only when we realize God we will avoid pain-giving actions. It is not enough if we just say that God is present everywhere.

       God is Space. We all think that space is nothing but a vacuum. First, keep in mind that it is highly potential. It compresses itself to become dust, the paramanu. This dust is present everywhere. Due to the constant surrounding pressure the dust are spinning and produce magnetism. So Space is becoming dust and its combinations and results are the manifest universe. Space is everywhere and magnetism is also everywhere. We are not to able to see the dust particles. What is water? It is a combination of particles. Air is also like that. We cannot see it but we are able to feel it .Similarly we say that we cannot feel or see the Space and we conclude it is nothingness.

       Take our earth for example. It is spinning on its axis at a speed of 25,000 miles per day. It has a weight. It revolves around the sun at a speed of 1000 miles per minute. What is the weight of the sun? It is nearly 2 million times greater than the earth. Where are these two planets floating? In the sky. Obviously the Space is supporting both of them and all other planets and stars in the universe. So which is mightier? It is Space. Then how can we say that it is nothingness? We touch somebody and he feels it by his mind. Can we see the mind?

       Space is having all potential. It has four attributes namely, plenum, force, consciousness and time. Only Space is acting as consciousness in all non-living and living beings. If you take a tumbler of water from the sea it has all the qualities of the sea. In the same way, each dust from the Space has all the quality of Space. So due to self-compression the Space became dust, energy particle, and five great elements. We see a tree. It is a combination of energy particles. But an energy particle is a group of dust particles. What is dust? It is fraction of Space. So in all the things and living beings Space is there.

       In human beings, there are three bodies, namely physical, astral and magnetic bodies. In the physical body elements are always changing. Due to variations in spin, elements keep changing. Energy particles also function separately and that circulation is called the astral body. Each of these particles emits its wave and this is called bio-magnetism. Depending on the number of particles in an association, the five elements, ‘panchabhootas’ are formed.

       All things in the universe are made up of the dust of Space. Our earth is a globe spinning at a speed of 1000 miles per hour. We are also moving but we are not falling off. Why? It is because of self compression. So we used to say that God is protecting us. What happens when we take food? It gets digested and becomes parts of our body and some waste. Who is doing this? Only the Almighty is doing it. Nobody can do this by their own effort or skill. So there is no place without Space, God. Therefore, magnetism which is a highly transparent mighty divine fluid is present everywhere. That is why we are able to see the distant objects without any obstruction.

       Space is all-penetrative and permeable. There is no place without Space, God. Our body, life-force and mind all are God. Therefore, to whom are we giving pain? We are giving pain only to that which we are: God. If we realize this we will not give pain to others. When we follow the two-fold principles, we will naturally not wish to inflict pain to others. To learn this truth there is no need to go to school. The family itself can be your school. If we take an auto-suggestion with each individual in the family, then the family will be happy and peaceful.

       We enjoy fighting; as if we want to live with problems. We have seen so many wars come and go, but when a person gets a small wound in his hand we feel sad. In a war, within a short time so many people die and lose their limbs. Even if the war is at some distant place it will affect everybody. Only if we join together and are brave enough to outlaw war the world will be peaceful. War is a murderer’s field. The so-called victors are nothing but the most efficient and well-equipped murderers. So the thought that ‘War should be outlawed’ should spread to the whole world.

       Who favors war? The people who produce arms and weapons favor and induce war. If the U.N.O decides that a separate army is not necessary for each country and that they will look after protection of all the countries, then there will not be any war and the production of weapons will be stopped. But U.N.O is left like a dog without teeth. The scholars and learned people should reveal these concepts to the governments. So many scientists, scholars and educationists are in the world, but none raise this issue. Why? They are likely to be killed. So they keep quiet. But if we all start thinking and spread the wave to avoid war then it can be completely stopped. We must follow the two fold-principles and cultivate good habits by implementing them in our family. I conclude my speech and bless all of you with good health, long life, prosperity, wisdom and peace.

SKY Professors with Swamiji

Reading the Name

Issuing the Certificate

Be blessed by the Divine

"May the whole world enjoy prosperity, happiness and peace"

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