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31 January 2005, Monday
Today is Monday, those of you who read our News regularly know not to expect much: it's always peaceful and quiet here on Mondays as there aren't any courses or programs. It's a day to enjoy the air, birds, flowers and breezes.
Swamiji had a couple of visitors, but for the most part spent his day in relaxing. But even on Mondays he is sure to have a walk in the evening, as he did today.
30 January 2005, Sunday
Dear readers, today as is customary Swamiji presided over the concluding session of BGC for 426 participants. Each was thrilled to receive their certificate from Swamiji's own hand as he blessed them by name. The participants also shared their experiences of the benefits of our physical exercise system, Kaya Kalpa and meditation, and gave their comments regarding the past three days' course.
In the evening Swamiji took a stroll as usual around the veranda of Temple of Consciousness.
Last but not least today, finally, the Forest Department came to help us out with our primate problem. Photo attached -- the lucky ones who got into the cages have been taken in all comfort to a new paradise; somewhere in the forest where they hopefully will live on natural food instead of our usual Ashram food….!

Ready to go....
29 January 2005, Saturday
Hello browsers, Today Swamiji took full rest. In the afternoon he had his usual stroll around the Temple. He is very well and cheerful. Nothing to update more today. Meet you tomorrow with more details.

28 January 2005, Friday
Dear readers, Today the BGC began with 426 participants: 221 males and 205 females. After long the males outnumber the females! But it's almost fifty fifty. Climate is fine and all is well with this little corner of the world. Swamiji had his usual three rounds of the Temple of Consciousness, enjoying being outdoors for a short while.
The real miracle: One has to look around and observe Nature. Nature abounds in miracles. What is more miraculous than a tiny seed growing into a mighty tree, the blossoming of a little bud into a fragrant flower, the metamorphosis of a hairy caterpillar into a many colored butterfly? What is more miraculous than the metabolic process that is constantly going in our body? When compared to these miracles, the petty little miracles performed by self-centered men who are after wealth and fame are like flickering little flames before the dazzling brilliance of the sun.

27 January 2005, Thursday
Welcome to Aliyar news, today Swamiji relaxed after his big day of morning and evening lectures to SKY Professors yesterday. But he was very satisfied because he got so much grateful and positive feedback -- the talks were so eloquent and clear that the audience felt highly benefited.
This morning he spent quite a long time chatting with Mrs. Piramakutti, Former Headmistress of the Girls High School in Guduvancheri, Swamiji's native town. After her retirement several years ago, Mrs.Piramakutti has developed the SKY Center there to a great extent and is a dear friend and tireless worker in bringing the philosophy and practices of Swamiji to the people of Guduvancheri and the surrounding colleges also.
Evening Swamiji took his usual stroll around the Temple, blessing a large gathering of early arrivals for the Brahma Gnanam course that begins tomorrow and goes through Sunday noon.

Blessing the visitors
26 January 2005, Wednesday
Hello, today Swamiji addressed a gathering of about 85 Senior SKY Professors, who had been invited for the purpose to spend the day in Aliyar. It was the occasion of release of his small tract: "Maraiporul Villakkam" and he spoke about the topics therein. Morning for over an hour he spoke on his philosophy of Truth; in the evening he spoke on meditation and its effects.
After his efforts he was a bit tired, but in a happy mood as he spent the whole day doing what he loves to do -- communicating his vision to others. The 3rd batch of VISION (First English batch) students are settling down at Aliyar and preparing for their classes from tomorrow.
Don’t worry, be happy: Human birth is a wonderful opportunity. We have to safeguard it and enjoy it to the fullest extent. There are thousands of natural delights all over the world to be enjoyed. In addition, man has artificially created many facilities for his enjoyment. If mankind thinks, decides and plans in a proper way, everybody in the world could enjoy life equally without any obstacles. We have all the potential to achieve such a goal.

Bringing out
the Hidden Secrets

Let us think
the Secrets behind this
25 January 2005, Tuesday
Today Swamiji relaxed in the morning, until 11:00 when he attended the closing session of the PDC. The participants shared their experiences in glowing terms, and their looks were just as bright as their words. They are full of enthusiasm to continue practicing what they learned here in the past 6 days.
We also inaugurated the III Batch of VISION for Wisdom; this time it is being conducted in English.
This evening after his walk, Swamiji delivered his usual Wednesday public talk. About 250 persons were present to hear him speak on "One World Religion", introduced by Dr. Alagar Ramanujam.
Photo-1 is the lineup of speakers at the recent program there; Dr. Gaurav Khanna on the left. It was the first Vethathiri Maharishi Annual Endowment Lecture and the theme was: “Recent Advances in Cosmology: Quantum Cosmology and the Vethathirian Model."
Photo-2 here show the new exhibit made at the Birla Planetarium, Chennai, depicting the different concepts of 'SPACE' of Newton, Einstein and Vethathiri. Go and see it!

Photo - 1

Photo - 2
24 January 2005, Monday
Dear friends, today Swamiji had an enjoyable visit for about an hour with Sri Pon. Sourirajan, Former Head, Tamil Department Venkateswara University and his wife Mrs. Chandra. They have gone through all our SKY Courses and have great appreciation for Swamiji's literary work as well as the practical teachings.
Meanwhile, the PDC is going on and the people are all happy to be exposed to new ideas and practices in their classes and lectures. In the evening Swamiji had his usual short walk.
Religion: There is only one religion in the world with two aspects: Worship of God to get enlightenment of consciousness and living virtuously which will help one and all in the society to enjoy happy, harmonious and peaceful life.

His Evening walk

The Natural beauty
23 January 2005, Sunday
Dear readers, today the PDC is continuing, and now the fourth day is over. This morning for about an hour Sri Swamiji took the class on "Neutralization of Anger". This is the subject he feels most important of all to be implemented in daily life. After his talk the participants were instructed to sit and do the practice then and there, with pen and paper. As we have always seen, Swamiji has the knack of bringing the subject home in such a way that the people are deeply touched and convinced about the need to eschew anger and that here is a simple yet effective method to do so; of course, they must continue to practice even when they leave Aliyar. If they do so, their lives will certainly be transformed and their lives and the lives of all the people they interact with will be happier and more successful.
Evening Swamiji had his usual walk around the Temple. Then his customary monthly checkup by our Doctor -- just to certify that he's in perfect health.

Practice for
Neutralization of Anger
22 January 2005, Saturday
Dear friends, everyone at this corner of world are fine and enjoying the teachings of Swamiji. Today Swamiji received the proof copy of his forthcoming tract on "Maraiporul Vilakkam" and spent some time going over it for minor corrections. He is very happy with the way it has come out. Soon, he may bring out a similar work in English too. In the evening today he had his stroll around the Temple, doing one extra round (4th round) without realizing it! that shows he is feeling fit.
One Mr. Kesavan presented his thesis done for M.Phil. in Tamil through Bharatiyar University, Coimbatore, on the subject of Swamiji's writings. The thesis is entitled Gnanamum Vazhvum. Swamiji was happy and impressed to see he had done such a great work, and gave him his blessings and congratulations. Later in the evening Swamiji met with several academicians and doctors and enjoyed a good discussion.
Nature is omnipotent and everlasting treasure for mankind. Land, water, air, sunlight, heat and the energy field are provided as natural gifts to support the survival, sensual enjoyment and realisation of Truth for mankind.

Expressing his happiness
on seeing the thesis work
21 January 2005, Friday
Dear browsers, today is the second day of the PDC going on for 78 participants. They are all looking relaxed and a bit brighter already! Climate is wonderful today; breezy and cool and fresh. Swamiji had a relaxing day, with his usual evening stroll.
The introduction to his latest book in Tamil arrived, written by Sri Ramaswamy, Vice Chancellor of Tamil Nadu Agricultural University. Swamiji was glad to find it well phrased, pertinent and highly appreciative of the matter in the book. This small tract entitled "Maraiporul Villakam" will be published within the next week. On 26th we have a meeting coming up for all the SKY Professors and they are all to receive the book when they come.
Think about this: Nature has provided thousands of joys for human life. Man’s body itself is a sophisticated mechanism, wonderfully structured as a culmination of the evolutionary process of nature. Man’s knowledge is a treasure of unlimited potential. The society of mankind is enormously resourceful by the cultural development of millions of generations and the advancement of scientific technology. Such being man’s eminence, why then should he entertain imaginary expectations and secure in return heartrending disappointments again and again in life and suffer mentally as well as physically? Is it not time that we apply our intellect and devise a plan for our life and thereafter put it to work so as to obtain the desired results and enjoy happiness to the fullest extent at the same time helping others to find fulfillment?

Blessing the participants
& Visitors

Front view of our
20 January 2005, Thursday
Dear friends, Today the Personality Developement Course began and will run for the next 5 days, concluding on the 25th at 1:00 PM. There are 78 participants, 48 of them have come from the managerial staff of "Ramraj" textile business concern -- a well-known maker of fine cotton dhotis in South India.
Swamiji is well and had his usual evening walk around the Temple. He spent some time today viewing the VCD's filmed at the recent World Peace Conference held in Coimbatore on Jan.2,2005, sponsored by Brain Trust and the Coimbatore Zone of WCSC. He particularly appreciated the speeches of our WCSC President, Sri SKM Maeilanadhan and Dr.Jeypragasam of Madurai.

19 January 2005, Wednesday
Today Swamiji is, as usual, very well and cheerful. His grandson R.Sivagnanam, Manager of the WISE Trust, Guduvancheri, and part time astrologer is here for a short visit. Swamiji spent time with him in the morning. After his evening walk Swamiji gave a talk on "Harmony in Family Life".
We had distinguised visitors for the last two days: Ajahn Amaro, a Buddhist monk of Abhayagiri Buddhist Monastery in California, and his companion, Eric McCord of Insight Meditation Society in Massachusetts, USA. During their visit the atmoshpere of our centre was uncharacteristically calm and quiet -- perhaps in their honor!
To lead a happy life, follow Tolerance, Adjustment and Scarifice; Avoid Comment, Command and Demand.

Keen observation

Coming for his
evening lecture
18 January 2005, Tuesday
Dear readers, Today Aliyar remained calm and quiet. In the evening Swamiji took his usual round of the Temple veranda three times and proceeded to the Hall for his discourse on "One Religion for Mankind".
To add some variety to the audience a group of visitors from 9 countries, all members of the Babaji Kriya Yoga society with their leader, Sri Govindan, were there awaiting his talk. Seeing some non-Tamil faces, Swamiji spoke alternately in English and Tamil so that they could enjoy the meeting too. Afterwards they expressed their delight and gratitude that Swamiji had responded to their presence by tailoring his speech for them.

17 January 2005, Monday
Dear friends, Today Swamiji met with Dr. Gaurav Khanna of University of Massachusetts, US, again for about an hour in the forenoon. They had a good discussion about the nature and properties of space and other philosophical topics. In the evening Dr.Khanna took his leave and departed to Chennai by night train. Tomorrow he will deliver a talk on "Recent advances in cosmology: quantum cosmology and the Vethathirian Model". This is the first programme in the Vethathiri Maharishi Annual Endowment series at the Tamil Nadu Science and Technology Centre.
Evening Swamiji had his usual walk around the Temple of Consciousness.

His research view...
16 January 2005, Sunday
Dear Spiritual seekers, Today the 4-day Silent retreat ended at 10:30 AM. Sri Swamiji delivered a beautiful speech about the value of keeping Silence as a spiritual exercise. Being the last day of a holiday weekend, "Pongal" festival, there were droves of sightseers in and out of our ashram all day.
In the morning our member friends from New York, Mr.Joe and Mrs.Laura Hanshe, said goodbye to Swamiji and departed on their return journey to USA. In the evening for about one and half hours Swamiji delivered a talk to a small group, including Dr.Gaurav Khanna who is visiting us from University of Massachusetts, USA. He is a physicist working on cosmological theory and expressed interest in Swamiji's Model of Cosmology.
Fraction Demands Totality supplies. If we understand this law of nature, there is no need to worry for anything.

Giving his knowledge
15 January 2005, Saturday
Dear Spiritual seekers, Today was a full day of sundry visitors for Sri Swamiji. The group of 125 participants in Silent retreat are all deeply enjoying their opportunity for peaceful, undisturbed meditation. Seeing their calm serenity we realize how wonderful this retreat is; it is a great and rare luxury in our hectic lifestyle.
Cimate remains lovely and Swamiji had his customary walk around the Temple of Consciusness in the evening. He has completed the foreword and conclusion for his new tract on Man, Society, and Universe (in Tamil) and is pleased with the book.
This evening we were glad to receive Dr.Gaurav Khanna, Dept of Physics, University of Massachusetts,USA. He has come for two days' visit to Aliyar and wishes to know more about the Vethathirian Model of Cosmology brought out by Swamiji. On 18th January he will deliver the first annual Vethathiri Maharishi Endowment Program at T.N.Science and Technology Centre, Kotturpuram, Chennai. The topic of his talk will be: Recent Advances in Cosmology: Quantum Cosmology and the Vethathirian Model. Professors and students of the local academic institutions are invited.
Last but not least, today was Maadu Pongal, the day we celebrate our cows and honor their contribution to our lives!


Cows at Aliyar
14 January 2005, Friday
Dear readers, everyone at this corner of the world is fine. Today is the Pongal festival of South India. Swamiji had a number of visitors, friends and Trustees of Temple of Consciousness, Aliyar and calls from relatives.
There are now 125 Brahmagananis are participating in the 4-day Silent retreat. They are fortunate to enjoy the peace and bliss of meditation and introspection here on our campus, at the Temple of Consciousness. Swamiji had his usual stroll in the evening today, blessing the crowd as he walked.Climate was particulrly beautiful today, with warm breezes and clear air.
13 January 2005, Thursday
Dear friends, Today was rather uneventful in Aliyar. As the annual Pongal holidays approach, the visitors here are less than usual. From today we have four days' silent retreat; about 30 persons have joined in.
At 5:00 PM Swamiji took his usual walk around the Temple of Consciousness veranda, enjoying the balmy afternoon while blessing those who were gathered.
12 January 2005, Wednesday
Dear readers of Aliyar News, today our WCSC President, Sri SKM Maeilanandhan, and Joint Secretary, P. Paramasivan visited us here in Aliyar. They met with Swamiji for a short while, and then had a meeting with Mr.Joseph Hanshe and Mrs. Laura Hanshe, who have established SKY Education and World Community Centre in New York . After pleasant and fruitful discussion everyone was enthused and confident that Swamiji's teachings are reaching out to more and more people of the world and that the people of United States will have more opportunities to learn our Swamiji's teachings in future.
Evening a bus came in from Erode SKY Centres and Swamiji delivered a talk on "The Law of Cause and Effect”. Climate is becoming quite hot!!!
This is the common formula to lead a happy life: Thought, word and deed these three are the activities of man. Whatever the activity may be, it has its own result. According to the time, place and object of contact any action will give a result. It is the law of Nature. So, if you act, speak and think, there is an effect. That result, if it results in pain to self or others, at present or in future, to the body or mind, it is sin.

Sharing his concepts
11 January 2005, Tuesday
Dear friends, there is a comfortable but fairly large gathering for Swamiji's speech on “The Supreme Power – Magnetism”. A busload came in, from Tiruppur to attend the session.
Swamiji is in fine form, as he usually is even at this age of 94. One thing that definitely keeps him young at heart and healthy in every way is that he loves his job; he's doing that which comes to him naturally and is in harmony with his inner being. Today we are happy to update the Jan 7th program’s photos here.
If you are also so fortunate, you would know it's a great blessing and that there are not many in this world who are granted to live a righteous life that is also superbly suitable to their own character and in harmony with nature too. On top of that, Swamiji rests in the profound satisfaction of seeing the great benefits to others of his teaching and example.

Peace discussion
with Ms. Mairead Corrigan Maguire, Nobel prize laureate

VISION - 2nd Batch

Shri. Sivasubramaniam,
Vice-Chancellor of Bharathiyar University
10 January 2005, Monday
Dear readers, everyone at our ashram here had a relaxing day. On Mondays there is time to introspect, take a breath, look around, rest up from the previous week and get set for the week to come of activities.
Swamiji is well and has his customary stroll around the Temple of Consciousness in the evening at 5:00 PM. He noted that he is planning to write a small tract containing an overview of his theories -- covering his ideas on Space, particles, magnetism, life, evolution etc. Only our Swamiji could think of writing a SMALL tract on all these topics!
Meditation: Every human being is provided with innate knowledge of all the secrets in the Consciousness. To be aware of this knowledge, effort is necessary to open the focusing points in the brain cells by adjusting the mental frequencies. This is the technique of meditation.

Welcome to Aliyar

09 January 2005, Sunday
Dear spiritual seekers, The weekend has been hectic with the program “Gathering for World Peace” on 7th and the Kannada Brahma Gnanam course is in full swing. On Friday, among the visitors to the Ashram were officials from Forest Department.
Today, the 9th, Swamiji distributed the certificate to the participants who had come from different parts of Karnataka for the Brahma Gnanam Course.
07 January 2005, Friday
Dear readres, it is an important day in our Aliyar history. Ms. Mairead Corrigan Maguire, recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize in 1976 visited Aliyar and had a discussion with Swamiji.
The VISION second batch student’s convocation started in the morning with the welcome address by our WCSC President, Shri. SKM. Maeilanandhan. Shri. Sivasubramaniam, Vice-Chancellor of Bharathiyar University issued the certificates to the students and Swamiji blessed the students by giving a short speech. The convocation ended with vote of thanks by Dr. N.A.Perumal, Director, VISION.
Followed to the convaction, Ms. Maired Corrigan Maguire gave a short speech on "peace". And then Swamiji was asked to deliver a speech on "World peace" with the introduction by Dr. S. Jeyapragasam. Presidential address was given by Dr.N. Mahalingam, Chairman, Sakthi Groups. Dr. K. Perumal, SKY Professor gave vote of thanks.
In the evening a Brahma Gnanam course in Kanada started and this will be continued for another 2 days.
Soon we will release the photos of today’s function.
06 January 2005, Thursday
Dear readers, this part of the world is perfectly alright and everyone visiting enjoying the serene atmosphere. Today we began the Brahma Gnanam Cum Master Course in Kannada: 113 men and the women participants are 317 -- totalling 430.
Swamiji relaxed in the morning; this evening our trustee Sri SKM Maeilanandhan and others visited and chatted for some time. Swamiji had his usual stroll around the verandah three times in the afternoon.
Pain and pleasure: Pain and pleasure may come from three sources. They are (a) from physical body, (b) from psychic function, (c) directly to the life force by astronomical radiations giving direct effect on the vibrating speed of life force and eventually cause illness to physical body and disturbance in the mind.

Can be used as
Greeting Card
05 January 2005, Wednesday
Dear friends, Welcome to this corner of spiritual world, Aliyar. Today Swamiji took rest in the morning hours. Evening around 4:00 PM the buses from Karnataka started rolling in for tomorrow's course of Brahma Gnanam Cum Master’s Course (BGMC). Altogether we have 440 participants.
As it is Wednesday, Swamiji took a topic from his fourteen point “Vethathirian Philosophy of Life” and spoke for almost an hour. He explained the concept of "Living by the divine Law". The audience was thrilled and enjoyed every minute. The course participants who arrived early enough to have this bonus lecture were even more thrilled.

Swamiji at the dias,
surveying the crowd

Dr. Alagar enjoying
the beauty of around Ashram
04 January 2005, Tuesday
Dear Aliyar news readers, hope you must have seen our new design of home page and the calendar of the month in Aliyar news page. We request your suggestions to improve our design.
Today, Swamiji relaxed and reflected. After completing his usual walk at 5:00 PM Swamiji came to the hall in the Temple of Consciousness and delivered a talk on "The Greatness of Womanhood". Today's program was rather relaxed as the crowd was not excessive; about 200 including the VISION student body were present.
How to live?: For a proper way of living, man’s knowledge should reach out to five basics: (1) General knowledge (2) Hygiene (3) Economics (4) Politics and (5) Science. These five forms the philosophy of life and every individual should be enabled to acquire them.

The beauty surrounded
our Temple of Consciousness
03 January 2005, Monday
Here it is again, Monday! For the most part, a quiet day for everyone in our Aliyar Ashram. This morning Dr. Jeyprakash, a famous Plastic Surgeon from London and his friend Mrs. Rosie Graham, took leave of Swamiji in the morning, having enjoyed rest as well as stimulation by their visit to Aliyar.
Swamiji is very well and took his usual three rounds of the Temple of Consciousness.
Swamiji's helps us in maintaining Family Harmony by saying these few words: Husband or wife –one should not put the other to suffering or anguish through word or deed. One should be constantly on guard against egoism, anger, suspicion and indifference to the other’s feelings.

After their valuable discussion
02 January 2005, Sunday
Dear readers, Today the BGC + MC in Kannada concluded, with issuance of certificates personally by Swamiji. He makes a great effort to say each name and bless each person individually, for which all must be grateful. In this course we had a record number: 415 women and 135 men, in total 550. Every participant left for their home town with full of energy.
Climate has turned warm suddenly, unusually early this year. Perhaps the earthquake in the ocean and the tsunamis are affecting the weather. At 5:00 PM Swamiji took his customary walk around the Temple verandah three times.
Need for Sat- Sangh: Sat- Sangh is absolutely necessary for the growth of spiritual life. Constant and regular contact with those who are well advanced in spiritual life makes our own advancement easier. When an individual has advanced in sufficiently in the inner life, the best service he can do to his fellowmen is helping others and raise them to his level. Sat-Sangh fulfills this purpose.

Issuing the Certificate
01 January 2005, Saturday
Dear Aliyar News visitors, Welcome to 2005. Today the ashram was pleasantly abuzz with people moving around, in and out. The BGMC in Kannada is going on still, with 500 participants. Then there were many of our friends from several places around the state who came to have a New Year Blessing from Swamiji, as the schools are on leave it is also a pleasure outing for the whole family to come here. Then there was an inevitable contingent of tourists milling about. But the whole crowd was within limits and it didn't feel like our place was overrun -- just pleasantly alive.
Swamiji came down to the verandah twice today to bless the crowd, as there were more than usual. In the evening he didn't omit the usual walk, and stopped to speak some words of good wishes and blessing to the assembled gathering.
All of us welcome our long time friend, Mr.Madhuker Bhatt , who arrived today from Los Angeles to stay for a few weeks and relax in the ambience of our ashram.
A thought on New Year Day, How to live? If a man dedicates his time and energy only to feed the body and decorate it to further an egoistic pride, his life will be a waste. Whatever the excess or luxurious material comforts are given or spent for the physical body will become waste when the body perishes. By maintaining the physical body with a limit to fulfill the natural needs and develop the consciousness, many good things will be produced by the joint functions of body and knowledge.

The beauty on the way
to Ashram

His vision on 2005

Enjoying the
New Year 2005
January 2005
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